Our Mission

This has been SureBond Safe Floors mantra since 2006.

  1. Our projects will always be performed in a safe, in an environmentally friendly manner, and with LEEDŽ principled products.
  2. Our floors will be implemented to integrate into client business process and cycle.
  3. Our SilikalŽ implementation will reduce overall construction costs due to reduced elapsed site time and improved construction efficiency.
  4. We will continue to under promise, and over deliver.
  5. Our scope and quotes will be timely and concise.
  6. Floors fully cured and ready for full construction, industrial and hygienic service 1 hour after completion.
  7. We only execute well-planned projects. Projects start and finish: jobs never end.
  8. We will not juggle clients.
  9. SureBond Safe Floors will provide quality performance every time. Projects done right the first time with no call backs.
  10. We will understand the client business requirements, and design and implement our flooring system for the client life cycle.
  11. On-time implementation, with realistic time lines.
  12. We will install hygienic floors that remain bonded and hygienic for 10+ years, subject to wear and tear and abuse considerations.