SureBond Safe Floors specializes in Meat Processing / On-Farm Food Processing industry. Our installations are found in on-farm processing operations such as:

SilikalŽ floors are recommended for hygienic processing starting at the Processing Plant, and right through to the deli / meat counter at your retailer. It is very difficult for any primary or intermediate processor to provide hygienic processing in a non-hygienic environment. All of these areas are Hygiene CriticalŽ.

The CFIA requirements for flooring state the minimum requirements as "impervious" in meat plants. Concrete sealers do not work on a long term basis; sealers do not "hermetically" seal concrete as they are porous materials. Building professionals continue to specify concrete sealers, but we feel these materials are a waste of money for the food industry.

As part of initial plant construction, the concrete sealer may provide a concrete floor with some protection from an initial "approval to operate" standpoint. The reality is that exposure of the floor to abuse cycles will result in wear of the sealer, increased concrete porosity, and exposed aggregate and cracks. Water, fat and blood will readily enter the sealed concrete given long term exposure.

Our work in the Alberta Provincially Inspected meat plants has set a great example for how hygienic floor work should be done right the first time. Our coving is unique, and provides a true, hermetically sealed wall-cove combination without reliance on flexible caulking / re-caulking for wall-floor joints. Our ability to bond to materials such as FRP and to PVC wall systems such as Nuform Building Technologies Inc. walls ensures that there will be no leakage under or through our coving system. SilikalŽ floor long life cycle ease of cleaning Is what the sanitation crew always wants, but never gets until they have a SilikalŽ floor.

Our non-slip floor is also unique. It is an aggressive non-slip floor AND it is still easy to clean. Rough floors can be easy to clean. Our ability to remain non-porous even after many years of use is why our anti slip floors are easy to clean many years after installation.

Clients will look at our anti-slip floors and will always say that you cannot run a mop over our anti slip floors. That is a good thing: mops are unhygienic. Old habits are hard to change, especially in the restaurant industry. Bristle brushes are what is recommended for cleaning in any food plant or restaurant for that matter. The typical cleaning process should always be:

The CFIA food safety requirements floor requirements address food safety. However, the standards do not address occupational safety. Slips and falls are a problem and need to be addressed. Smooth floors do not promote occupational safety. Our SilikalŽ floor is the only floor that will provide a best in class non-slip service combined with hygiene to help protect your employees AND the government inspectors from slip and fall injuries.

We often come across de-laminated epoxy near drains. This provides a source for ingress of water and organic materials UNDER the floor. This becomes a bacterial breeding ground; when the epoxy is removed the smell is often unbearable, with mold often found. Avoid this bacterial trap solution by installing a SilikalŽ floor right from the very start. Kill Floors, Coolers, Freezers, Cutting Areas, Sausage Kitchens, Deli Areas, Garbage / Gut Rooms will benefit from our SureBond Safe Floors Quick Installation process. Let SureBond Safe Floors fix your drains reliably as a test patch and you will be convinced.

SilikalŽ floors are perfect for general freezers and coolers. SureBond Safe Floors has been installing reliable floors in freezers and coolers from 25 ft2 to large freezer warehouses repairs using the SilikalŽ RV368 Flexible Membrane system. We have fixed doorways in freezer compartments at -25C. SilikalŽ resins have been used with success in blast freezers in western Canada, dealing with a very difficult industry problem. SureBond Safe Floors is not just able to bond to concrete, but we have been able to reliably bond to steel and stainless steel as well. See other SilikalŽ world wide freezer and cooler implementations in our YouTube links.

SureBond Safe Floors is able to bond our coving directly to insulated plastic concrete form systems, such as Nuform Building Technologies Our work at High River Colony and Camrose Colony are a testament to creating a hygienic enclosure for the food industry using our cove to bond and seal our floor to insulated concrete plastic walls.


Please call us to discuss your plans for Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan meat plants, and to learn about our success.