SureBond Safe Floors has proven ourselves in supporting the following Core industries / Applications of Western Canada:

Dairy Bio Security

Our dairy success started with Sylvan Star Cheese as well as Hillview Colony dairy parlour. We will continue to grow and succeed in the Dairy Industry based on this start.

The Original Organic Growth did not come from the Internet. Our organic growth is word of mouth, farmer to farmer, and face to face. SureBond Safe Floors has proven itself time and time again in support of Dairy Bio-Security and western Canadian farmers.

Meat Processing / On-Farm Processing

SureBond Safe Floors has done much work to raise the bar of Provincial, Domestically Inspected facility floors. Our contribution to these building Hygiene Critical® applications has set the high performance standard for hygienic buildings used in Farm to Fork and rural processing. Our floor and cove implementations first started at Hillview Colony. This colony entrusted us to give Hillview a quality product for their pork and poultry operations. High River Colony allowed us to be involved in one of the most modern poultry operations in Western Canada. We have now spread that same quality and durable Silikal® flooring across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and BC colonies and other rural processors.

Not only are our floors hygienic, but they are non-slip and occupationally-safe for Provincial CFIA Inspectors and plant staff. Our Silikal® floors clean up so easily today, and will remain so even 5 - 10 years from now!

Again, our growth has been as organic as the quality, locally grown food being provided by our Western Canadian farmers and rural processors! Farmer to farmer, processor to processor. Our relationship and trust with the Brethren will never be forgotten, nor compromised.

Food Beverage Baking

We are proud to have supplied long term solutions for the some of the largest food processors in Western Canada. Baking does not include just your local bakery. It includes potato chips and French fry facilities, too.

Herd Health and Animal Welfare

It all started with being asked to solve a problem of animals slipping and falling in pre-knockbox areas. It sounded easy. Then, requests grew for our floor solution for animal welfare to:

We did it all. Our most gratifying moment was our work being noticed by Temple Grandin at Olds College.

We are proud to be able to help provide some of the basic freedoms for production and processing animals. We are also grateful to those in the government and private Industry that have invested the time in educating us along the way.

Hygiene Critical / Medical / Veterinary

Silikal® resins were used in our Hygiene Critical® first jobs in Alberta in 2006 for dialysis applications, and are still in-service today. Our completion of a large project for North Peace Veterinary Clinic in Fort St John is a testament of the quality, Hygiene Critical® work that can be completed in remote locations by our team.

Industrial / Transport / Petroleum / Mining

Our work with CN Rail is the largest, most technically complex flooring project completed to date by SureBond Safe Floors. Safe installation of flooring sections, between scheduled-but-oft-changed locomotive movements in a 7x24 maintenance diesel shop is tough enough. Installing these floors during a major construction shop addition and in the middle of winter 1000 km from home, during a major flu outbreaks measures the professionalism and determination of the SureBond Safe Floors team.

Yet, our floors were always ready for full use 1 hour after completion.

Restaurant / Catering / Camp / Airlines

Early in our installation process, we installed a floor in a dishpit overnight. Brewsters Brew Pubs gave us 18 hours to do the task, we just had to make sure that the floor was ready for supper the next night.. We started at 10:30 PM. The floor was installed and ready to go at 5:30 AM the next morning.

Since then, we have been a great assistance to an Oilsands firm in providing semi-permanent Silikal® flooring while that firm completed plans to replace a critical kitchen module in their operation. All this work was done "live", feeding 2,500 people with no operation impact.

Let SureBond Safe Floors provide your steel-floored camp modules or concrete-substrate kitchens with long lasting, durable, hygienic flooring in your remote location.

Our expertise in logistics management, project management, and flooring installation will ensure a smooth implementation even for the most technically complex projects of the Oilsands.

Recreational / Stadium / Swimming Pools / High Traffic Public Areas / Institutional

SureBond Safe Floors® has performed several exterior stairs rehabilitations in Calgary since 2006. None of those stairs have had any de-lamination in the entire time. Calgary has the most extreme daily weather in North America, according to City of Calgary contacts. These extremes along with salt and water will destroy concrete. One of our stair implementations in downtown Calgary has done very well after 7 winters so far (2006 June 2013).

Our flooring is very suitable for pool decks, and would eliminate the need for periodic tile and grout replacement. Our non-slip flooring helps ensure public safety. Save time and avoid tile and grout install / curing delays. Owners can avoid costly life cycle tile failures / replacement / maintenance of tile and grout floors.

Our resin floors do not become uncleanable, such as what has been experienced with epoxies.

High traffic, weather, water, salt, non-slip, gum, UV Light. Silikal® floors are ready for anything.

Construction always proceeds on top of our finished floor. This is a great asset for general contractors trying to reduce construction cycle time.

Call SureBond Safe Floors about your public pool, recreational, stadium implementation.