Welcome to SureBond Safe Floors

SureBond Safe Floors is a division of Diamond Hard Surfaces (Calgary) Inc, a COR Alberta company. We install our SilikalŽ flooring in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and BC.

The intent of our site is to educate clients and the public on value engineering floor solutions for difficult, high risk flooring applications. These special circumstances include environments that are:

My business and my team specializes in the installation of SilikalŽ MMA floors. Our thick build, resin-rich MMA resin floors are inherently non-porous and remain that way for many years. Our special primers bond even to high moisture concrete. These differences which give our floors the Hygiene CriticalŽ advantage over epoxies and polyurethanes in these high demand situations.

SilikalŽ MMA (methyl methacrylate) floors have been installed around the world since the late 1970's. I have seen and viewed SilikalŽ floors in Europe that were anywhere from 15 - 25 years of age, and all were still well-bonded to concrete, cleanable, and hygienic. This due diligence convinced me to associate my name with SilikalŽ as part of my business. I have never regretted my decision.

How good are we with SilikalŽ resins? The dairy farm environment is the "acid test". It takes a smart, dedicated, trained, well-organized team with a great Silikal® system to be able to install a "high risk" floor in a live, very wet 40 year old dairy barn with fecal contamination. We are able to install that floor in-between the morning milking and the afternoon milking in less than 7 hours.and that finished floor is available for full use for what hits the floor at 4 PM, ready or not. Finally, the SilikalŽ dairy floor comes with a warranty.

How is safety part of our culture? We are a COR Alberta company, with a full time NCSO leading our installations. My background in process safety management and risk analysis since the 1980's assures that safety in our implementations starts at the top.

Just say "Show Me" an old SilikalŽ floor, and we will. Seeing our 5+ year old SilikalŽ floors will convince you of installing our floor first, rather than second as a renovation.

Walt Curilla, P.Eng.
President, SureBond Safe Floors (a div of Diamond Hard Surfaces (Calgary) Inc.)