Our History

SureBond Safe Floors (a div of Diamond Hard Surfaces (Calgary) Inc., has been installing hygienic floors in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and BC since 2006. I am a P.Eng., and Chemical Engineer. My passion is materials engineering as applied to high hygiene, industrial flooring environments. I love solving very difficult problems.

The toughest industry for flooring is the food and agriculture industry. The health care, petroleum and service industries can learn from the food industry as to what works and what does not. Canada has lagged in providing long life cycle hygienic flooring for the heavy food processing plants. The status quo for epoxy flooring is de-lamination from concrete and being uncleanable after typically 1 - 2 years.

Some skilled polyurethane flooring can remain bonded for 4 years or so, in tough environments, but is difficult to clean at that point in time.

After seeing flooring failures in the processing and restaurant industry, I knew there had to be a better system to replace tile, epoxy and polyurethane systems. I also wanted to install systems that were more VOC friendly and safer for my employees.

The solution was found in Europe, and was slowly starting to be implemented in Canada. SilikalŪ of Germany has been a clear leader in creating, implementing, and proving that a resin flooring system can withstand the food industry. I have been to Europe and validated SilikalŪ resin flooring system performance. 15 to 25 year old floors were common, with no de-lamination, still hygienic, and still easy to clean.

As an engineer and contractor, I have selected Silikal for its historical performance around the world, and its environmental and safety benefits. SilikalŪ resins have met and exceeded my expectations as well as those of my clients.

Great products do not install themselves. A great, experienced contractor is the other half of the equation. Trained professionals needed to be developed in Canada to install this great German product. My dedicated installation crew excel in the installation of all SilikalŪ high performance systems.

Yours truly,
Walt Curilla, P.Eng.
President, SureBond Safe Floors (a div of Diamond Hard Surfaces (Calgary) Inc.)