Our specialty in animal welfare flooring in abbatoirs is second to none. Ethical treatment, trimmage, less halting, meat quality improvements, and cleaning efficiency are achieved with our specially adapted, SilikalŪ anti slip flooring system.

See the DAIRY / BIO-SECURITY section for our use of SilikalŪ flooring in dairy animal areas. We provide high traction, easy to clean, low transition flooring for dairy. We eliminate the need for rubber mats and grooving in the highest traffic , sloped areas.

Consider us for animal welfare floor applications such as alleyways, ramps, squeeze boxes, knockboxes. See Morand Industries for superior performing agricultural equipment that utilize our SureBond Safe Floors Hygienic flooring systems on steel for animal welfare considerations.

SureBond Safe Floors is able to help protect stunning systems from electrical shorting; this is another unique SureBond Safe Floors solution to solve an industry problem. We have also tested our floors for a potential equine application with SilikalŪ. SilikalŪ floors are best suited for non-shod animals. Shod animal steel shoes will cause crushing of quartz aggregate, regardless of the resin system used.

VIDEO: Equine Application

SureBond Safe Floors has a passion for animal welfare in agriculture and processing applications. Please call us at any time to discuss.