Flooring Failures 101

In our experience, large scale resin floor failures come in 2 main categories:

The causes of the epoxy and polyurethane bond failures that we see occur are based singularly or in combination with the following, in order of priority:

The most common causes of Hygienic failures of resin floors, of 1-4 years of age, are as follows.:

Generally, well-installed, thick build polyurethane floors remain bonded better to new concrete than thick build epoxies. Within high usage environments, the polyurethanes can become difficult tclean within 2 to 4 years. The cheaper epoxies become more difficult to clean and de-bond in much less time.

Silikal MMA floors are designed to protect against de-lamination and hygienic floor failures. We do not suffer from the typical problems affecting epoxies or polyurethanes.