Dairy is a SureBond Safe Floors specialty. Our experience and training allows us to do very time sensitive applications such as dairy renovation work with no downtime. Dairy floor renovations usually start with failed epoxy removal, repairs to concrete, surface prep / contamination removal, and finally the SilikalŪ floor installation. We typically start and complete the work sections in 8 hour shifts, and our floors are ready for full use when we leave each day!

Confident cows and happy dairy owners can be found at the end of each day of renovation implementation.with parlour work performed in-between milkings. Clients tell us they use less water for cleaning. One of our clients has experienced about a 30% to 35% reduction in cleaning time, and the proportional reduction in water and waste.

Our SilikalŪ floors are not just found in dairy people areas, but also in dairy animal areas as well. Holding areas as well as milking stalls are perfect animal-friendly applications for our system. We help contribute to hoof health through non-slip, easy to clean, and dry environments. Concrete (finished, grooved, exposed aggregate) is very difficult to clean due to manure slime adhesion to the concrete surface. Our floors provide a drier, cleaner surface for high animal traffic areas.

Installing your SilikalŪ floor by SureBond Safe Floors easily meets the intent of the Dairy Code of Canada requirements for floor surfaces. The National Dairy Code Fifth Edition, Fifth Edition, Part 1, approved May 2011 supports “impervious, crack resistant flooring and ramps in dairy barn alleyways, including milk parlors and milking rooms found within the dairy barn” (Ref. Sections 7,8 and 9). Dairy barn floors should also minimize the risk of injury to animals, of which slip issues are a source of animal injury risk."

In the Netherlands, our floors have even been installed in back of barn areas, such as loafing area alleyways and stalls. SureBond Safe Floors can eliminate slippery tiles, failed grout, slippery concrete, and failed / leaking rubber mats with a SilikalŪ floor.

There are many reasons not to install epoxies in dairy barns:

Consider us for your new parlour or old parlour / milk room renovation. We will add value to your traditional or rotary parlour, or robot milking operation. We can even match your equipment vendor colours!

Installation of our SilikalŪ MMA floor and cove in your new robot room will eliminate early acidic corrosion that we are already seeing next to drains in other new robot areas. Our floors will eliminate fecal staining, and reduce cleaning time, as well as water / waste and their associated costs.